About Us


The Doxy Community

Doxy is a Live & Fantasy Sports platform powered by the blockchain technology. It’s a decentralized social gaming experience in which people can express their passion for sports, compete against each other, and show “How much your sports knowledge is worth”.

Sports industry is one of the driving forces of the global economy. People spend hours every day, in consuming sports through TV, online media, live matches and even travel to see sports' events! Doxy provide users a new way to use their sports knowledge for their own joy and benefit. We envision a massive opportunity to gather sports fans, gamers and sports bettors in a revolutionary platform where they can not only socially interact but also compete against each other in a transparent and decentralized way.

Community Platform

Built on the blockchain, Doxy' platform is not controlled by an individual organization. There is no single agent with the power to modify the rules of the software, the economics of the assets, or prevent others from accessing the platform. Each digital asset is permanently owned by the community and lies in a blockchain-based digital registry, giving the owner full control over it. This document lays out the philosophical underpinnings, technical foundations, and economic mechanisms of Doxy. With the increasing popularity of blockchain technology, DOXY Sports public blockchain hopes to fill the space for blockchain-based application. The sports industry through blockchain technology is a sun-rise industry all over the world. DOXY Sports public blockchain makes use of blockchain technology, which combines application and business situations of sports industry and sports ecosystem chain. Doxy will issue its native cryptographic token “DOXY TOKEN” for use on the DOXY Sports public blockchain.

With the help of smart contracts and token systems, it offers both – 1. Convenient payment settlement and 2. Application developers. For Fantasy ecosystem Doxy will support sports information and community open platforms, sports NFT asset trading and promoting Prediction platforms.


The Foundation's aim is to create a decentralised, globalised sports blockchain platform which is deeply rooted in the sports industry ecosystem, enabling free-flow of sharing and transmission of values by all users and participants in the industry, and a variety of blockchain-based applications in the sports industry.

The Foundation has strong technical capability and offline resources integration capability. It has also reached consensus with , the world's top Sports betting suppliers and service providers, and the world's top sports stars on blockchain cooperation, allowing it to build AI.

Our Features

Web 3.0

The time is here when the World Wide Web is evolving into Web 3.0 form Web 2.0! The blockchain technology is to be credited for this as the very soul of Web 3.0 is based around the concept of decentralisation. In Web 2.0, the data and information is centralised with the big tech companies; the time has changed now and with Web 3.0, the data and all personal assets are decentralised and managed by individuals.


Gone are the days of static and two-dimensional social world. The fast growing world of tech demands and deserves more and it is getting it. A new wave is here, a cluster of 3D visual worlds connected together for a variety of possibilities is Metaverse. The term has been in talks since 1992 and it has been developed and polished as time goes. Many Metaverses have been developed focusing on different aspects. The most important thing is Metaverse is another evolution that supports decentralisation.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sport is a game which is majorly played over internet by people across the globe in which players participate and create their virtual teams that feature the replicas of real players of the respective live game being played. The teams of all players further compete against each other and the performance and result form the real live game affects and decides the shape of the Fantasy Sport. The performance is used to allot points to the players according to the virtual teams they made. It is a global industry now and is more difficult than people think.


"Non-fungible" simply means that it's unique and can't be supplanted with something different. For example, a bitcoin is fungible — trade one for one more bitcoin, and you will have the identical thing; a singular card, in any case, is non-fungible. Accepting that you simply traded it for one more card, you'd have something remarkable. NFTs can really be anything like paintings, songs or music pieces or even your psyche downloaded and altered into an AI, but lots of the present energy is around using the tech to sell digital art.