Doxy Token


Doxy Token

The most important part of Doxy’s whole investment and fundraising campaign is the Doxy token. We provide the largest sports-based blockchain platform. We pride ourselves on providing the most secure, reliable, and transparent crowdfunding mechanism. All the campaigns on the Doxy platform are listed in Doxy Tokens. Doxy tokens can also be used to buy additional services provided to athletes, sports organisations, clubs, etc. Doxy token is also listed on Decentralized Exchange (Pancake Swap).

Doxy Token

Token Information

  • Token Name - Doxy Finance
  • Symbol - Doxy
  • Blockchain Protocol - Polygon (matic)
  • Technology - ERC20 (Layer 2)
  • Decimals - 9
  • Blockchain Explorer - Polygon Scan
  • Totally Supply - 11,000,000


We are redefining the sports funding with our smart tokens by introducing a new blockchain-based business model in which anybody can give funds and receive real-time incentives.The token payouts are based on revenue and tokens generated, with a predetermined charge from each transaction. The Binance blockchain is used to create the tokens, which are then listed and available for trade.